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Fort Worth Dentist

H. Peter Ku, D.D.S., PA

3045 Hamilton Avenue Fort Worth TX 76107
(817) 870-0556

Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is our specialty. Our 3 doctors have different gifts and strengths which makes our office perfect for everyone from the youngest to the most senior member of your family!

Going to the dentist has always been stereotyped as a scary event. There are multiple reasons why this is - from negative childhood memories to past dental experiences. Since Dr. Ku started his private practice in 1999, one of his primary goals has been to return the whole patient to optimum health and not just view his clients as a set of teeth. Dr. Ku grew up in a family of medical providers. His father was a pediatrician that had a family practice in Indiana. One of Dr. Ku's fondest memories were going on house calls with his father and taking the time to treat each patient's physical and sometimes mental or emotional needs. He learned from his father the importance of treating each patient as an individual. Even though healthcare has changed dramatically over the years Dr. Ku still tries to take the time needed to meet the needs of every patient.


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